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If your home was built years ago with no garage (or you wish to add another), it’s entirely possible for you to add a garage to an already finished property. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how you can add one to your home, as well as the benefits that come with that. Read on to discover more!

Attached Vs Detached Garages

There are two types of garages, attached and detached. Attached garages are, as you’d predict, a built-out attachment to your existing home, offering entry into it as well. Detached garages are independent entities that exist separate from your home. It can be close to your home or further away; this is entirely dependent on the available space. Space plays a large role in adding a garage to your property, no matter what type of garage you choose. With an attached garage, you’re going to need enough space on your property that’s close enough to your home. The space issue is a little bit less rigid with detached garages, as they can sometimes be located a bit further in proximity to your actual home.

More Than A Spot to Park

If you’ve decided to add a garage to your property, you may likely have more than one reason for deciding to do so. While having a car that is shielded from the elements and extreme weather conditions is more than enough of a reason to add a garage to your home, adding a garage to your home can come with additional benefits as well. A garage can be a great storage space for items that you may not have room for in your home, be it holiday decor, bicycles, seasonal clothing or otherwise. Additionally, if you’re a hobbyist and are in need of a place to store your tools, be them for woodworking or other crafts, a garage is a great place to store these. It can also serve as a fine workshop, depending on the amount of available space that you have in it. While a very functional and practical addition to your home, a garage can look great too, and with just a bit of work, you can easily turn your garage into a great place to work on projects.

Garage Door Installation in Salt Lake City

Regardless of the specific type of garage that you choose, AAA Garage Door is here to help you with all your garage door installation needs. Whether you’ve decided to go with an attached garage to extend the overall space of your home or have decided that a detached garage is more to your liking, we offer a variety of garage door options to help make your home look it’s absolute best. Our expert technicians will install your garage door efficiently and effectively, making sure that it’s properly and safely installed. Our commitment to quality is what makes us different from our competitors, and we work hard to ensure that we’ve provided you with the best service possible. To learn more about our garage door installation and repair services, get in touch with us today.